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NY Art Book Fair 08

Posted in Stuff We Like by michelleaebertz on October 31, 2008

The New York Art Book Fair was last weekend and Jessica and I were there to experience it! Here are some of our favorite pieces.

One of our favorites was Vitamin Creative Space there work is really beautifully produced with lots of creative techniques. The book shown here actually has a cover/case that is made from rigid plastic, about half an inch deep. The text on the cover is spray painted on with a stencil.

A book that caught my eye was this “teeth” pamphlet published by Sara Ranchouse Publishing It was basically two pamphlet bound booklets meeting in the center of the page horizontally between the two rows of teeth. You could flip through the top and bottom pages to mimic the movement of teeth when speaking. The binding string was actually cinnamon dental floss (nice touch)

Another particularly eye-catching vendor was Galeria Estampa. Their fold-out booklets and artwork that fit into old cassette cases were really unique. A lot of their “books” were actually slipcases that had gusseted folios inserted into them with the folio spines facing towards the open side of the slipcase, unbound signatures for the book were then placed inside the folder. A pretty neat package that looks like a finshed book when in the slipcase, but, since they are not bound, the pages of the book can be re-organized however you like. Neat!

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