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Dark Chocolate: Hershey’s Extra Dark vs. Dean & Deluca’s “Ghana” vs. Michel Cluizel

Posted in Taste Test Thursday by Jessica on December 24, 2008


There is so much dark chocolate out there in the world for us to choose from – not that I’m complaining. You have to not only contend with lots of different brands, but also with purity percentages. Could the price factor help settle the score? (more…)

Rooster Inspiration Wall

Posted in Stuff We Like by michelleaebertz on December 23, 2008


Why did the rooster tape another rooster to the wall? To start the inspiration wall, of course. Recently, Fernando came up with the concept of Rooster’s inspiration wall. A great way to fill the dead wall-space next to our refrigerator and to share fresh design ideas with each other.

That’s how it started and here’s where it is now…


Iced Coffee: McDonald’s vs. Starbucks vs. Ferrara’s

Posted in Taste Test Thursday by Jessica on December 23, 2008

The Contenders

You can pretty much get iced coffee anywhere in this city, a lot of it way overpriced for the quality that ends up in your cup. Could a matter of cents really make or break your iced coffee experience?


B&W Cookies: Smelly Deli vs. Gourmet Garage vs. Dean & Deluca

Posted in Taste Test Thursday by Jessica on December 22, 2008

The Contenders

I always thought b&w cookies all tasted the same since they all look the same. Growing up in NYC, how more ubiquitous can you get than b&w cookies. Could there possibly be a b&w cookie better than all the rest? (more…)

say it like you mean it!

Posted in Studio Experiments, Taste Test Thursday by franzuela on December 18, 2008

There’s a place near me that makes killer homemade humous….but when you ask for it, you HAVE to say it like this “I’ll have the HOOOOMOOOOS”  (sounds like “who moose” with a bit of phlem in the “who” part.). For realzers…you can’t ask for it any other way.. the guy freaks out!!  It’s witten on the awning, all over the menu, OOOO’s everywhere…EVERYWHERE!

gourmet garage winner in the middle!

gourmet garage winner in the middle!

It’s so good, I can’t stand it….it’s creamy and so homemade tasting, lots of tahini…but I hate asking for it….it embarasses the hell out of me…”can I have some extra pita for my whooo, um, Hooooo mooooos?” Who talks like that? 


In the taste test that one came in second! SECOND! to two other pre-packaged brands….I couldn’t believe it……Did you know that gourmet garage makes a killer humous, and it sits there all quiet and stuff on the shelf…. you can just walk in, walk in! and grab it, pay, and enjoy the hell out of it ….without uttering a single word!

The Pepsi Challenge

Posted in Studio Experiments, Taste Test Thursday by roostersara on December 18, 2008
soda shots

soda shots

The original Pepsi Challenge ruled. I was a kid and it was free sugar soda.

So, recreating one of the most famous (and failed) brand face-offs since unsliced bread vs. sliced bread quickly became an emotional game. Cuss words and euphemisms flew around the studio as we glugged down the two samples. I mean, what would happen if you found out that your peanut butter had been secretly replaced with soy nut butter? Or your coffee with decaf?

Would it disgust or elate? Like I said, it’s an emotional game bbs. (more…)