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say it like you mean it!

Posted in Studio Experiments, Taste Test Thursday by franzuela on December 18, 2008

There’s a place near me that makes killer homemade humous….but when you ask for it, you HAVE to say it like this “I’ll have the HOOOOMOOOOS”  (sounds like “who moose” with a bit of phlem in the “who” part.). For realzers…you can’t ask for it any other way.. the guy freaks out!!  It’s witten on the awning, all over the menu, OOOO’s everywhere…EVERYWHERE!

gourmet garage winner in the middle!

gourmet garage winner in the middle!

It’s so good, I can’t stand it….it’s creamy and so homemade tasting, lots of tahini…but I hate asking for it….it embarasses the hell out of me…”can I have some extra pita for my whooo, um, Hooooo mooooos?” Who talks like that? 


In the taste test that one came in second! SECOND! to two other pre-packaged brands….I couldn’t believe it……Did you know that gourmet garage makes a killer humous, and it sits there all quiet and stuff on the shelf…. you can just walk in, walk in! and grab it, pay, and enjoy the hell out of it ….without uttering a single word!

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