The Rooster Coop

The Pepsi Challenge

Posted in Studio Experiments, Taste Test Thursday by roostersara on December 18, 2008
soda shots

soda shots

The original Pepsi Challenge ruled. I was a kid and it was free sugar soda.

So, recreating one of the most famous (and failed) brand face-offs since unsliced bread vs. sliced bread quickly became an emotional game. Cuss words and euphemisms flew around the studio as we glugged down the two samples. I mean, what would happen if you found out that your peanut butter had been secretly replaced with soy nut butter? Or your coffee with decaf?

Would it disgust or elate? Like I said, it’s an emotional game bbs.

The results of this Taste Test are so shocking that I hesitate to reveal the winner. There was more than one embarrassing instance of “Oh, I totes know that I’m picking Coke,” only to have that taster be publicly shamed by their presumptiveness. If you’re bringing arrogance to the blind Taste Test, then don’t plan on winning.

And that’s why the Pepsi Challenge didn’t work too hot, isn’t it? The customer eventually comes up with a “wrong” answer, which defies logic, what with the customer always being right and all.

If you must know, Pepsi prevailed.


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