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B&W Cookies: Smelly Deli vs. Gourmet Garage vs. Dean & Deluca

Posted in Taste Test Thursday by Jessica on December 22, 2008

The Contenders

I always thought b&w cookies all tasted the same since they all look the same. Growing up in NYC, how more ubiquitous can you get than b&w cookies. Could there possibly be a b&w cookie better than all the rest?


I went to three locales we here at the studio like to visit: the Smelly Deli, Gourmet Garage, and Dean & Deluca. Right off the bat, my guess was that Dean & Deluca would win, given their penchant for high-end ingredients and suppliers. However, much to my surprise, GOURMET GARAGE won the showdown in SoHo. GG’s cookie was wonderfully cake-y and overall deelish. One neighborhood down – hundreds of more to go.

The Winner

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