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Dark Chocolate: Hershey’s Extra Dark vs. Dean & Deluca’s “Ghana” vs. Michel Cluizel

Posted in Taste Test Thursday by Jessica on December 24, 2008


There is so much dark chocolate out there in the world for us to choose from – not that I’m complaining. You have to not only contend with lots of different brands, but also with purity percentages. Could the price factor help settle the score?

Chocolate 2

I decided to go middle-of-the-road with the purity percentage and opted for 60% cacao dark chocolate and covered a range of price points with Hershey’s Extra Dark, Dean & Deluca’s “Ghana,” and Michel Cluizel. After numerous samplings of all three, the MICHEL CLUIZEL dark chocolate took the crown for it’s smooth and rich flavor. Hershey’s chocolate left a very chalky aftertaste, while Dean & Deluca’s chocolate was nothing to write home about.

Chocolate 3

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