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Art in a Hurry

Posted in Uncategorized by franzuela on February 26, 2009
Detail of Simon Evan's "One Hundred Mix Cd's for New York"

Detail of Simon Evans "One Hudred Mix CD's for New York"

It’s been a while since I hit the galleries to see some shows…(winter and laziness), and  I had forgoten what an offering of great work is waiting for us on the west side. Most of the art I saw was seductive in one way or another – through use of materials, humour, scale and originality ( yes, that was a pianist (more…)

MoMA in the subway

Posted in Stuff We Like, Uncategorized by michelleaebertz on February 26, 2009
MoMA reproductions on lightboxes in Atlantic-Pacific terminal

MoMA reproductions on lightboxes in Atlantic-Pacific terminal

Commuting just got a bit prettier. MoMA has installed a mini-museum of reproductions in the ever-busy Atlantic-Pacific subway terminal in Brooklyn.


Inspired by the Hamburger Bed

Posted in Studio Experiments, Taste Test Thursday by roostersara on February 6, 2009

People like to make stuff in the image of the holy hamburger. For example: this hamburger shoe. It makes me think of hoof and mouth disease for some reason. But, carry on.

Cat Burger

Cat Burger, carry on.

Any tangible item that one thinks might make a nice hamburger, should be made into one. As much as possible. For example, I can only imagine that I would enjoy the slumber of my life in this cozy cozy hamburger bed.

Even this seems somehow delicious. (more…)