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Art in a Hurry

Posted in Uncategorized by franzuela on February 26, 2009
Detail of Simon Evan's "One Hundred Mix Cd's for New York"

Detail of Simon Evans "One Hudred Mix CD's for New York"

It’s been a while since I hit the galleries to see some shows…(winter and laziness), and  I had forgoten what an offering of great work is waiting for us on the west side. Most of the art I saw was seductive in one way or another – through use of materials, humour, scale and originality ( yes, that was a pianist
popping out of the “lid” and playing the piano backwards … Love it or hate it, that’s your call.  Here are a few shows that really excited the graphic designer in me and worth your time. Maybe you’ll shake off your overused “style” and start anew. 1. Gagosian – Manzoni (I recomend if you see this, you only see this..its quite a bit to take in and demands a well rested and a fully caffeinated observer)   2. Pace – Robert Irwin   (mesmerizing and serene)    3. James Cohen – Simon Evans (fun, graphic and full on content, maybe you have to work a bit..but I left excited to make something)    4. Matthew Marks – Ellsworth Kelly (classic)   5. Andrea Rosen – Andrea Zittel “show how problem solving and planning can result in a complex visual language.”  

Great job! Now go trade in your culture for a cocktail

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