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Twitter + Skittles = Twittles

Posted in Studio Experiments, Taste Test Thursday by roostersara on March 3, 2009
Twitter  + Skittles = Twittles

Twitter + Skittles = Twittles

The Skittles/Twitter marketing thing struck a nerve in the studio today. Partially because we were upset that in order to even discuss THIS phenomenon we had to say “Skittles” like a million times, mostly while referring to Twitter – and not one of us came away from the table not having (emphatically) (accidentally) said, “Twittles.” Was this an intended side-effect of this diabolical marketing ruse?

Speculation aside, and Rooster being Rooster, a Skittles taste-test was imperative. The big question being: “how does social networking drive candy sales?” (more…)

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