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Twitter + Skittles = Twittles

Posted in Studio Experiments, Taste Test Thursday by roostersara on March 3, 2009
Twitter  + Skittles = Twittles

Twitter + Skittles = Twittles

The Skittles/Twitter marketing thing struck a nerve in the studio today. Partially because we were upset that in order to even discuss THIS phenomenon we had to say “Skittles” like a million times, mostly while referring to Twitter – and not one of us came away from the table not having (emphatically) (accidentally) said, “Twittles.” Was this an intended side-effect of this diabolical marketing ruse?

Speculation aside, and Rooster being Rooster, a Skittles taste-test was imperative. The big question being: “how does social networking drive candy sales?”

We bought four bags this morning. So, it works.

We ran the four flavors through our blind taste-testing format. Turns out, you don’t need anything “new” or “improved.”

Tasting the Rainbow

Tasting the Rainbow

Original flavor won out over Chocolate, Tropical, and Sour.

Just give us “old” and “regular” and we’re happy.

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