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Doing Some Good: The Fuqua Film Program

Posted in Stuff We Like by Jessica on July 22, 2009

The Fuqua Film ProgramGiving back to the community is something we value here at Rooster. When we were approached by the Fuqua Film Program to assist with their branding, we were more than happy to help.

The Fuqua Film Program is based in Brownsville, Brooklyn. Founded by Antoine Fuqua, director of “Training Day,” the program was created in response to the overwhelming support received by Fuqua and his team while shooting his latest film, “Brooklyn’s Finest” in the neighborhood. 

Fuqua Film Program Participants (images courtesy of CNN)

Fuqua Film Program Participants (video stills courtesy of CNN)

Our friend Matt over at FFP sent us a link to a piece edited by Mr. Fuqua for CNN, featured as part of their “Black in America” series. You can view the video here. Matt tells us that this has been a very successful pilot year for the program and that they are planning to premiere the students’ work in September – very exciting!

Antoine Fuqua (left) and some of the students at work (right) - images courtesy of CNN

Antoine Fuqua - left - and some of the students at work - right (video stills courtesy of CNN)

It’s always very inspiring to hear of programs like the Fuqua Film Program and it’s even better when we can see for ourselves the good they bring to the community. The students featured in the piece attest to the program’s positive impact, not only on their lives, but also on the neighborhood. Our hope is that this inspires others to give back in their own way.

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