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I Heart Google Image Search

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Google Image search results with "blue" "yellow" and "clip art" filters applied

It’s true, it’s slightly embarrassing how much time I spend on Google Image search. From looking up inspiration for color palettes and design concepts to resourcing for retouching and photo illustrations even just grabbing silhouettes to trace, I am on Google Images more than I care to admit. Which is why today is such an exciting day! (more…)

Don’t mind if I do-nut…

Posted in Studio Experiments, Taste Test Thursday by fernzo on August 5, 2009

ttt_d3When it’s about to be your turn to administer TTT you rack your brain to come up with greatness… You think about what you’ve been eating, what you’re hungry for, you think about packaging, and almost always what would be funny. This one isn’t so deep. I like donuts, and I like to ride my bike.

So begets the great sugar donut taste test.


Tiny Bubbles, in your nose.

Posted in Studio Experiments, Taste Test Thursday by franzuela on August 5, 2009


When I make a deli run and ask,”Does anyone need/want anything while I’m out?”I usually hear, “yeah, seltzer or club soda or whatever.”

Its basically assumed it doesn’t really matter, the cheaper the better and they’re all the same. I just grab the first one that catches my eye and pay.

But at home, I usually buy Pellegrino —  Trader Joes sells it discounted by the case, but it still costs more than the stuff I drink at work, but its a prettier bottle and I feel more sophisticated drinking it or mixing it with my favorite “spirits.”

So, IS there a difference? (more…)

The Dumpling Wars

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Best Dumplings in Chinatown

Best Dumplings in Chinatown

I thought this dumpling taste test would be a great idea to make use of our proximity to Chinatown.

Until I investigated “best dumplings” on Yelp!, I had no idea how heated the dumpling feud really was. People have really strong convictions about where to get the best dumpling for your buck.


The Champion of All Meals

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Best Sausage Egg and Cheese

Who could resist? The winning breakfast sandwich from SoHo Café

We all know the saying, breakfast is the most important meal of the day. For this taste test, I decided to make sure my fellow Roosters were well fed and prepared for the day. And, as far as breakfasts go, what’s better than sausage, egg and cheese on a roll?!

The two trial breakfast sandwiches came from the two closest deli’s to our office, Jubilee on Broadway between Grand St and Howard St., and SoHo Café on the corner of Broadway  and Broome St.

It was a tough call, a lot of us have never encountered a breakfast sandwich we’d turn down, but in the end Soho Café won because of a more flavorful sausage patty and better roll consistency.