The Rooster Coop

The Dumpling Wars

Posted in Studio Experiments, Taste Test Thursday, Uncategorized by michelleaebertz on August 4, 2009
Best Dumplings in Chinatown

Best Dumplings in Chinatown

I thought this dumpling taste test would be a great idea to make use of our proximity to Chinatown.

Until I investigated “best dumplings” on Yelp!, I had no idea how heated the dumpling feud really was. People have really strong convictions about where to get the best dumpling for your buck.

The two top contenders seemed to definitely be Dumpling House on Eldridge and Broome Sts and Prosperity Dumpling, also on Eldridge St, but just south of Hester.

Visiting these two locations could not be more different of an experience. While Dumpling house is a fairly sizeable building with somewhat slick signage, Prosperity Dumpling is basically the size of a phone booth and is dressed in head to toe seagreen linoleum. The dumplings at both places are priced similarly and taste virtually identical!

Us Roosters preferred the Dumpling House variety because of it’s thicker doughy casing. Hey, if you’re going to eat fast food dumplings, who’s worrying about a few extra chewy carbs.

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