The Rooster Coop

Don’t mind if I do-nut…

Posted in Studio Experiments, Taste Test Thursday by fernzo on August 5, 2009

ttt_d3When it’s about to be your turn to administer TTT you rack your brain to come up with greatness… You think about what you’ve been eating, what you’re hungry for, you think about packaging, and almost always what would be funny. This one isn’t so deep. I like donuts, and I like to ride my bike.

So begets the great sugar donut taste test.


The ride officially starts with a donut for me and a few for the challenge at the Donut Plant in the lower east side. Onward and upward towards Tarallucci E Vino in Union Square, and then it’s a straight shot down Broadway to a coffee cart at Prince Street before arriving at the office. In addition to donuts, coffee was also served. Donut Plant won by a wide margin (duh).

See the below URL for a map for the donuts from this Taste Test


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