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Tiny Bubbles, in your nose.

Posted in Studio Experiments, Taste Test Thursday by franzuela on August 5, 2009


When I make a deli run and ask,”Does anyone need/want anything while I’m out?”I usually hear, “yeah, seltzer or club soda or whatever.”

Its basically assumed it doesn’t really matter, the cheaper the better and they’re all the same. I just grab the first one that catches my eye and pay.

But at home, I usually buy Pellegrino —  Trader Joes sells it discounted by the case, but it still costs more than the stuff I drink at work, but its a prettier bottle and I feel more sophisticated drinking it or mixing it with my favorite “spirits.”

So, IS there a difference?

IMG_5169Yes. In a nutshell: Water with carbonation added is Seltzer. Mineral Water with carbonation added is Sparkling Mineral Water, and carbonated water with sodium added is Club Soda. So, Club Soda can be Seltzer but Seltzer CAN’T be  Club Soda, follow? The bubbles vary their intensity based on what you are drinking. It gets more involved with Tonic Water, etc… and there are nuances to the categories..but there is a difference in taste when they are compared.

So if you are going to drink any of these, instead of just grabbing what you see first, or drinking what is served to you….wouldn’t you rather drink the one that YOU prefer?

After some bubbly noses and a couple of burps, (it’s so predictable) that of course, the cheaper club soda and seltzer brands were the favorites, hands down. Club soda won the taste test (the sodium seems to quench your thirst more) and the sparkling mineral water  Pelligrino $$$ didn’t even get a vote.  A bit too mild for us – or maybe too subtle for the workplace.

IMG_5159Next happy hour, I’ll order my Kettle one and soda with Club soda, thank you very much. Keep the change.

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