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Hide and Seek at the Brooklyn Museum

Posted in Stuff We Like by michelleaebertz on September 16, 2009
Yinka Shonibare at the Brooklyn Museum

Yinka Shonibare at the Brooklyn Museum - A.K.A. "What did you say about my dress!"

Last weekend my boyfriend and I had a chance to visit the Yinka Shonibare exhibit at the Brooklyn Museum. I was particularly interested in the exhibit because I tend to like art that looks at familiar things in a new way.

Shonibare actualizes this philosophy by creating fussy and extravagant, 18th century european apparel with colorful and primitive, Dutch wax cotton material. He goes a step further by exposing the frivolity of history in the poses of his mannequins and, lastly, beheads them. For anonymity or retribution, the artist let’s the viewer decide.

The site-specific work that Shonibare created for the Brooklyn Museum, actually uses the museum’s reconstructed period rooms to provide an historically accurate backdrop for costumed child sized mannequins. They are hidden throughout the museum’s 4th floor. Searching for them allows you to directly interact with the playful quality of Shonibare’s work and also brings foot traffic to an often overlooked, equally amazing part of the museum’s collection.

I highly recommend a visit!

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