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Posted in Coop Scoop, Uncategorized by fernzo on March 15, 2010
The Rooster Design Group is Optimized for Happiness

The Rooster Design Group is Optimized for Happiness

Let me go on record and say that I’m pro clients. If I didn’t enjoy working with clients, I would have chosen a different career.  I respect their business and I hope they respect mine.  That being said, nothing fuels a water cooler rant more than a terrible client, or maybe a boss, but I won’t touch that one…

The Type Directors Club asked me to speak on “Clients from Hell!” — what a perfectly sensational topic. This would surely prove to be a chance to look at the question of client relationships and delve into our collective treasure trove of horror stories. I could finally tell an audience some of the trashy stories I’ve experienced firsthand and heard over the years… But, after reflecting on the past ten years of Rooster, trash talking hasn’t ever been what we’re about.  So, instead of telling sensational tales and outing individuals and companies alike, I took a few deep breaths and decided it would be better to talk about why Rooster chooses the clients we do business with and what makes for a great partnership…

Fran designed the presentation with some of the most inspired visuals I could have asked for. Each section had a unicorn, yes a unicorn, you know the mythical creature favored by princesses and wizards? The long and short is that it was a fun night and I got to participate in a good talk. Eric Baker also spoke and, with at least twice as many years under his professional belt, channeled the kind of candor and ellquence that’s befitting his work. He framed the discussion in a refreshing way.

The panel wasn’t all rainbows and unicorns.  We had to give the people what they came for. The names were withheld but the stories we water cooler worthy.

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