The Rooster Coop

Rooster’s design graces The Daily Heller

Posted in DesigNYC, Rooster in the News, Uncategorized by kikisaxon on June 16, 2010

Rooster's cover for NYCHA's Green Guide

With tears in our eyes, we bid our partnership with desigNYC adieu.  It was a great experience and we’ve met some wonderful people along the way.  We are also pretty proud of the end result and hope NYCHA and NYC can boast significant energy savings in the years to come.

The grand finale is tomorrow evening at the Pratt Manhattan Gallery Space.  Each group will showcase their efforts over the last half year and discuss their experiences.  It’s supposed to be a packed house of more than 250 guests; can’t say we’re surprised.

But it’s not a sundae without the cherry on top and our cherry came this morning via The Daily Heller.  One of Print magazine’s blogs, The Daily Heller announced the closing ceremonies and featured our design as a project example.  A link to all the project videos is included in the article, or you can click here to see ours.

UPDATE: Other incredible DesigNYC mentions include PSFK and New York Magazine.

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