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Rubbing elbows with other branding bigwigs, Fernando’s two cents are captured in this month’s Elle Magazine:

“People now have their personal brands and also work for companies.  Even at the lowest level, kids on their blogs think, Does this choice — this job, this person I’m dating reflect my brand?  The idea that you’ll work for a company and they’ll take care of you for life — that train has left the station.  You have to take care of yourself.”

When is the last time to looked at your Facebook page or Twitter feed as a future employer would?

Pick up the November 2010 issue of Elle and read what the other brand experts quip as well as the feature article about a woman’s education in self-branding.

Rooster Newsletter 4

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Tune in to this issue of the Rooster Scoop and you’ll find the Roosters on the High Line, at your local bodega, and… in your electricity bill? Read on to find out how we’re helping New Yorkers go green and learn where to look for other Rooster designery.