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Turkey Trot – Check. NYC Marathon 2012?

Posted in Stuff We Like by Jessica on November 29, 2010

Great turnout at the 2010 Prospect Park Turkey Trot

This fall, I decided to take a running class. I already had the basics down prior to it – move legs in a rapid succession. However, the basics weren’t getting the job done. My running class not only taught me some great breathing and running techniques, but also some confidence in my ability as a runner.

Through out my 10-week class, I made sure to keep the rest of the Roosters up to date on my progress. My 15-minute miles (gasp!) slowly began to decrease as my motivation shot up. There was one Rooster who took a special interest in my new found love – Fernando.

Fernando suggested that we run the 2010 Prospect Park Turkey Trot together. The Turkey Trot became a viable goal for me and to run it together with someone was a plus. Fernando and I met up on Thanksgiving morning, despite the cold and gray skies and made a plan to finish the race together in under 55 minutes. Not only did we finish the race together, we crossed the finish line at 52:39! I brought my average mile time down to 10:32 and am ready for my next race.

The fruit of my 10-week labor

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