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Seven Roosters walk into a bar…

Posted in Taste Test Thursday by kikisaxon on March 18, 2011

Not just an excuse to get day-drunk, beer was a TT contender to test brand loyalties and see what those loyalties are based on…and maybe get a little tipsy.Lagers are light on the palate spectrum, so I thought it would serve our purpose well.  I selected Stella Artois, Red Stripe, and Brooklyn.  Budweiser would have been perfect for this since everyone loves to hate it, but the grocery store I went to didn’t offer it (now what does THAT say about Budweiser?).

I should have kept the lager challenge Red Stripe and Stella.  Brooklyn is really in a league on its own (for better or worse) — it’s a lager, but significantly more full-bodied.  They say you shouldn’t shop when hungry, well the same apparently is true for buying beer when you need a bit of hair of the dog…I bought too much of what I didn’t need.

The test was structured so that people would see the labels and answer which beer they would buy at a bar.  They were to then taste the beer and select which was best.  Three of seven named Brooklyn as the beer they would buy knowing it’s stronger flavor, two selected Red Stripe because it reminded them of good times, one favored Stella and the last was non-answer (he said it depended on circumstance).

Brooklyn Lager, Stella Artois, Red Stripe

Who won for flavor?  Brooklyn. As mentioned, it doesn’t really compare with the other lagers, so it was more interesting to hear the discussion between Red Stripe and Stella. Which of these beers tasted better?  Red Stripe. Which brand did people THINK would taste better, Stella (yes, even the people who would buy a Red Stripe at a bar).  There was a consensus that Stella’s label was told a better story.  It conveyed an old world, a time when people really knew good beer and weren’t swayed by branding.  Aren’t we suckers.  Once again proving that labels don’t necessarily speak to the quality of their products but definitely impact buying behavior.  Are we brand loyal, yes.  At least when it came to Brooklyn, it was based on experience not advertising/marketing.

Ahem, who’s got the next round?

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