The Rooster Coop

New Work – Emily Miranda

Posted in Client Clips by rickyatrooster on October 24, 2011

Emily Miranda Business CardsEmily Miranda creates innovative and stylistic jewelry with a razor-sharp edge. Her nature-inspired pieces have the ability to be extremely bold and distinctive, while effortlessly understated at the same time. They are statement pieces that have bite, and I mean that both figuratively and literally—pieces from her Snake series have golden teeth and venom drops made of pearl. It’s the everyday mixed with the high-end that give the pieces originality while maintaining a classic familiarity.

We wanted to take the same approach when designing Emily’s logo and business cards. Working closely with Emily, we started with a simple EM monogram and began playing with what the configuration could be. We eventually landed on a stylized log treatment of intertwining letterforms. We then printed the business cards using a letterpress and gold foil stamp process with metallic gold edging. All this fancy schmancy print work was executed with the cheapest material we could find—recycled chip board. The result was a fun, quirky and off-kilter piece that, in the spirit of Emily’s approach, has an artistic edge. Just beware of paper cuts.

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