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O.M.F.G. – You guys rock!

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Next Big Small Brand Contest for Culinary Genius


The caliber of entries this year is incredible…Such amazing ideas…Mouth watering product descriptions.


Semi-finalists to be alerted Monday, November 22.


Stay tuned!

Rooster Newsletter 4

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Tune in to this issue of the Rooster Scoop and you’ll find the Roosters on the High Line, at your local bodega, and… in your electricity bill? Read on to find out how we’re helping New Yorkers go green and learn where to look for other Rooster designery.


2nd Annual Next Big Small Brand

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Tasting Table stepped up to the blow horn and yelled it loud — The 2nd Annual Next Big Small Brand is ON! Click here to read the announcement.

Next Big Small Brand Contest for Culinary Genius

Easy entertaining with Salvatore Brooklyn

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The secret to making entertaining with food easy is quality ingredients.  Look to Martha Stewart’s test kitchen — she pairs Salvatore Brooklyn Ricotta with arugula and prosciutto for a no hassle hors d’oeuvre.  For more tips, click on the link:

End-of-summer bruschetta. Photo by Kris Kurek

Mango Madness

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Rooster Tested: Which is the best mango sorbet? Haagen Dazs, Ciao Bella, or Sharon's Sorbet

Rooster Tested: Which is the best mango sorbet? Haagen Dazs, Ciao Bella, or Sharon's Sorbet

Since the conversation of summer 2010 has been the oppressive hot weather, I figured a sorbet taste test would really hit the spot. Sorbet is great because we get have a sweet treat that’s still (slightly) healthier than ice cream, so it’s somewhat guilt free! So which is the best? At first I was sure that raspberry sorbet would be the easiest to find consistently across different brands, but to my surprise and delight the easiest flavor to find was actually mango… so which is the best?


Meet Miko Skye Gaitan-Mordeci

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We are over the moon and beyond psyched to share the news!  Our little guy arrived (with a head full of hair) on April 28 at 3:12 pm. Fast and Fierce!

Miko Skye Gaitan-Mordeci

love, love, love,
fran + glen

Rooster’s design graces The Daily Heller

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Rooster's cover for NYCHA's Green Guide

With tears in our eyes, we bid our partnership with desigNYC adieu.  It was a great experience and we’ve met some wonderful people along the way.  We are also pretty proud of the end result and hope NYCHA and NYC can boast significant energy savings in the years to come.

The grand finale is tomorrow evening at the Pratt Manhattan Gallery Space.  Each group will showcase their efforts over the last half year and discuss their experiences.  It’s supposed to be a packed house of more than 250 guests; can’t say we’re surprised.

But it’s not a sundae without the cherry on top and our cherry came this morning via The Daily Heller.  One of Print magazine’s blogs, The Daily Heller announced the closing ceremonies and featured our design as a project example.  A link to all the project videos is included in the article, or you can click here to see ours.

UPDATE: Other incredible DesigNYC mentions include PSFK and New York Magazine.

Ici plants an edible garden

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Ici's herb garden

Our favorite restaurant in Forte Greene, Ici, was recently featured in The New York Times: The Local for creating a garden fit for a chef.  Our friend and owner of Ici, Catherine Saillard, commissioned a foodscaping duo to create a garden of fruiting shrubs and flowering herbs.  The  edibles range from the usual suspects, rosemary and thyme, to items you can’t find at Home Depot, such as chocolate and orange mints and Northern sea oats, which is ground to create flour.

Catherine is busy creating mouth watering cocktails and dishes with the delectables.  We’ve made reservations for Saturday.   Can’t wait to see what she serves up!

Kudos to Associated Content

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Yahoo buys Associated Content

The latest client buzz has hit the news super highway and seems to be on the tips of many tongues today.  Yahoo announced yesterday that it will be acquiring Associated Content for (insert pinky in side of mouth) one hundred million dollars!  We’re super happy for the hard working guys over there.  We’re also psyched that more eyes will get a gander at the logo we designed for them.

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Shout out: congrats to Early Bird

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Early Bird Breakfast Basket - Manhattan Fruitier

When we want to send a token of thanks, we often use Manhattan Fruitier.  The latest looksie at their online catalog held a surprise: a Mother’s Day breakfast in bed basket featuring our favorite granola.

Congrats to Nekisia and the rest of the Early Bird team.  We’re confident a lot of moms are going to feel the love with this basket of goodies.