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How To Taste Test

Posted in Studio Experiments, Uncategorized by roostersara on July 17, 2009

Let’s be honest:
The Rooster Design Group is a branding/marketing/design studio that occasionally conducts “Taste Tests.” It’s not like we have some scientific method to apply to these tests. We just vote for whichever food tastes best to us.

Label Your Samples

How to conduct your own taste test:
1.    Start with three different brands of the same kind of food. Cheese doodles are a perfect food for beginners.
2.    Designate someone to host the test. The host puts the three foods in three separate serving dishes and hides the packaging so the branding doesn’t sway the testers.
3.    Accompaniments are optional, for example: it’d be nice for everyone to have a swig of ice-cold root beer in between doodles.
4.    Label each food sample A, B & C.


Record Your Votes

5.    The testers sample each food and cast a vote (silently, on paper). You don’t want Tyrone from accounting voting for Cheetos just because Marlene from upper management did.
6.    When the votes have been recorded and a winner declared, the host reveals the packaging and brands.
7.    Hilarity ensues.