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Dark Chocolate: Hershey’s Extra Dark vs. Dean & Deluca’s “Ghana” vs. Michel Cluizel

Posted in Taste Test Thursday by Jessica on December 24, 2008


There is so much dark chocolate out there in the world for us to choose from – not that I’m complaining. You have to not only contend with lots of different brands, but also with purity percentages. Could the price factor help settle the score? (more…)

Chocolate Syrup: Hershey’s vs. Bosco

Posted in Taste Test Thursday by Jessica on November 18, 2008

Chocolate Goodness

Bosco was not only George Costanza’s secret ATM code. It was also one of the contenders in my chocolate syrup showdown, along with the only chocolate syrup I had ever known growing up – Hershey’s. I hadn’t even heard of Bosco until I saw the Seinfeld episode. Could a pop culture reference beat out a true-blue kitchen staple? (more…)