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Kudos to Associated Content

Posted in Client Clips, Stuff We Like, Uncategorized by kikisaxon on May 19, 2010

Yahoo buys Associated Content

The latest client buzz has hit the news super highway and seems to be on the tips of many tongues today.  Yahoo announced yesterday that it will be acquiring Associated Content for (insert pinky in side of mouth) one hundred million dollars!  We’re super happy for the hard working guys over there.  We’re also psyched that more eyes will get a gander at the logo we designed for them.

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Coop Scoop: Logo launch

Posted in Coop Scoop by kikisaxon on February 5, 2010

Logo designed by Rooster Design Group

Hip hip hooray!  Associated Content has launched the new logo designed by the creative wizards at Rooster (they know who they are).  When we started work with Associated Content, we thought of them as the biggest-publisher-no-one-knew-about.  They’ve been getting a lot of press lately and may not be the publisher no-one-knows-about for long.