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New Work – Kombucha Brooklyn’s Home Brew Kit

Posted in Client Clips by Jessica on October 7, 2011

We here at Rooster love to grow and it always brings us great joy when we see our clients grow, too! Kombucha Brooklyn, our Next Big Small Brand’s first winner, has expanded their line of goods. Put your hands together for KBBK’s Kombucha Home Brew Kit! (more…)

We’re Crafty: Bookmaking with Etsy & the AIGA

Posted in Stuff We Like by Jessica on September 29, 2011

Handmade at the Etsy Lab

As designers here at Rooster, Ricky and I love getting our hands dirty – sometimes with ink and sometimes with leftover pastries from a client meeting. I’m a fan of the AIGA’s Handmade series, but they always seem to sell out before I can say “DIY.” However, with my quick clicking reflexes and Ricky’s southern charm, we managed to secure ourselves a couple of spots at this month’s Handmade event – Bookmaking at the Etsy Lab with Esther K. Smith.


Early Bird starts a Humm Day

Posted in Client Clips, Stuff We Like by kikisaxon on August 2, 2010

Early Bird Granola: Jubilee Recipe

How does a 4-star chef start his days?  With Early Bird Granola, of course.

Included in GQ’s Ten Essentials section, Daniel Humm, Executive Chef of Eleven Madison Park, fuels his day with the Jubilee Recipe of Early Bird Granola.

A marathon runner, dedicated snowboarder, and award winning chef, Humm needs a breakfast for champions … he gets it with Early Bird.  “This granola is amazing. The one I like best has cherries and pistachios. It’s made with maple syrup and baked with a little salt and olive oil. I like it for breakfast with Greek yogurt and fresh raspberries.”

Rooster applauded at NYCHA Green Event

Posted in Coop Scoop, DesigNYC, Rooster in the News by kikisaxon on April 23, 2010

Margarita Lopez talks about Rooster designed Green Guide

Rooster got props from some powerful and amazing women in sustainability/environmental world this past Earth Day.

At an event hosted by NYCHA for their residents, the Rooster-designed green guide was unveiled as NYCHA announced their efforts in the Green Agenda.  Moderated by Margarita Lopez, NYCHA Board Member, the event had a roundtable of experts including Lauren Yarmuth of YRG Sustainability (and advisor to desigNYC) and Mary Barber of the Environmental Defense Fund.   During the introductions, Mary Barber held up the Green Guide and commented that she’s come across many guides in her travels and the guide we wrote and designed was the best and most clear she’s ever seen.

In a one-on-one interview earlier in the evening, Margarita Lopez is quoted saying that our designs captured the feeling in a way “that is so dynamic and so accurate, it made her feel like she was walking through the developments.”  She continued, “This Green Guide is going to be the single most important piece of everything we are going to do with the Green Agenda.”

Yup, we’re her secret weapon to help change people’s behavior….her words.

Coop Scoop: We have a great face for radio

Posted in Coop Scoop, DesigNYC, Rooster in the News, Stuff We Like by kikisaxon on February 24, 2010

WNYC logo

Rooster Design Group was mentioned this morning on NPR/WNYC’s Brian Lehrer Show.  Members from desigNYC were on air talking about the program with featured partners the Serviam Gardens project.  You can stream the show – learn all about desigNYC – and hear a mention of Rooster’s partnership with the New York City Housing Authority.

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Rooster to beautify New York, one green guide at a time

Posted in Coop Scoop by kikisaxon on February 8, 2010

About DesigNYC

We are thrilled to have been selected from more than 60 design firms to participate in DesigNYC’s inaugural project.  DesigNYC aims to connect nonprofits and community groups in need of design services with design firms.   Rooster was teamed to help New York City Housing Authority’s (NYCHA) “Green Guide.”   NYCHA is delivering valuable information to their residents and our objective is to help communicate their message through great design.

The inaugural meet and greet was at AIGA and the caliber of those in attendance was impressive.  The project has garnered write ups from Fast Company, New York magazine, and The Huffington Post.  Most recently Design Observer / Change Observer wrote an article “desigNYC: A star-powered matchmaking organization pairs New York designers with social causes.”  Click on the link to read more,

Coop Scoop: Logo launch

Posted in Coop Scoop by kikisaxon on February 5, 2010

Logo designed by Rooster Design Group

Hip hip hooray!  Associated Content has launched the new logo designed by the creative wizards at Rooster (they know who they are).  When we started work with Associated Content, we thought of them as the biggest-publisher-no-one-knew-about.  They’ve been getting a lot of press lately and may not be the publisher no-one-knows-about for long.

How To Taste Test

Posted in Studio Experiments, Uncategorized by roostersara on July 17, 2009

Let’s be honest:
The Rooster Design Group is a branding/marketing/design studio that occasionally conducts “Taste Tests.” It’s not like we have some scientific method to apply to these tests. We just vote for whichever food tastes best to us.

Label Your Samples

How to conduct your own taste test:
1.    Start with three different brands of the same kind of food. Cheese doodles are a perfect food for beginners.
2.    Designate someone to host the test. The host puts the three foods in three separate serving dishes and hides the packaging so the branding doesn’t sway the testers.
3.    Accompaniments are optional, for example: it’d be nice for everyone to have a swig of ice-cold root beer in between doodles.
4.    Label each food sample A, B & C.


Record Your Votes

5.    The testers sample each food and cast a vote (silently, on paper). You don’t want Tyrone from accounting voting for Cheetos just because Marlene from upper management did.
6.    When the votes have been recorded and a winner declared, the host reveals the packaging and brands.
7.    Hilarity ensues.