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Mango Madness

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Rooster Tested: Which is the best mango sorbet? Haagen Dazs, Ciao Bella, or Sharon's Sorbet

Rooster Tested: Which is the best mango sorbet? Haagen Dazs, Ciao Bella, or Sharon's Sorbet

Since the conversation of summer 2010 has been the oppressive hot weather, I figured a sorbet taste test would really hit the spot. Sorbet is great because we get have a sweet treat that’s still (slightly) healthier than ice cream, so it’s somewhat guilt free! So which is the best? At first I was sure that raspberry sorbet would be the easiest to find consistently across different brands, but to my surprise and delight the easiest flavor to find was actually mango… so which is the best?



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Wine is one of the few food products where the choices are endless. There is so much to consider: Grape variety, region, price — um label design…C’mon, admit it — you’ve purchased a bottle purely based on the label…it looked expensive or familiar or was so ugly you couldn’t resist the gag…But can a label really help guide you to purchase a bottle whose wine you will really enjoy and happily drink again? Or is the wine label design for distinction only … graphics to help the wine compete with the other bottles surrounding it? How many people don’t know a thing about wine, except they love to drink it? So when planning our latest taste test, we wondered “how do those people select a bottle of wine?

Three rules for our blind taste test series: 1. 20 dollar limit. 2. only label must influence purchase. 3 red wine.
Once the bottles were assembled, all participants filled out a simple questionarre describing their individual reactions toward each label’s aesthetics.  The bottles were then covered and 3 were randomly selected for the first blind tasting.
The bottle that I bought was called REVOLUTION (a french table red)  The aesthetics reminded me of the great Julian Schnabel movie with Javier Bardem “Before Night Falls”. Imagine, me and Anthony Bourdain, drinking the Revolution with other artists who joined Castro’s rebels. We would gather and perform, make more wine, recite poetry and go to jail, all in the name of art and free expression! I just couldn’t resist. And it was 19 bucks… so it must be a sure thing.  I could already taste the delicious combination of tropical dreams, sexy nightmares and rebellion.

After the reveal ..I was shocked that the wine that NO ONE (including me) liked the taste of or would buy was my sweet Revolution! I pleaded with everyone “por favor, have another taste!” I tried to seduce the group with my purchase rationale and the price point…Nada. We so wanted to like it, but sorry..The revolution will not be televised.

Don’t mind if I do-nut…

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ttt_d3When it’s about to be your turn to administer TTT you rack your brain to come up with greatness… You think about what you’ve been eating, what you’re hungry for, you think about packaging, and almost always what would be funny. This one isn’t so deep. I like donuts, and I like to ride my bike.

So begets the great sugar donut taste test.


Tiny Bubbles, in your nose.

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When I make a deli run and ask,”Does anyone need/want anything while I’m out?”I usually hear, “yeah, seltzer or club soda or whatever.”

Its basically assumed it doesn’t really matter, the cheaper the better and they’re all the same. I just grab the first one that catches my eye and pay.

But at home, I usually buy Pellegrino —  Trader Joes sells it discounted by the case, but it still costs more than the stuff I drink at work, but its a prettier bottle and I feel more sophisticated drinking it or mixing it with my favorite “spirits.”

So, IS there a difference? (more…)

How To Taste Test

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Let’s be honest:
The Rooster Design Group is a branding/marketing/design studio that occasionally conducts “Taste Tests.” It’s not like we have some scientific method to apply to these tests. We just vote for whichever food tastes best to us.

Label Your Samples

How to conduct your own taste test:
1.    Start with three different brands of the same kind of food. Cheese doodles are a perfect food for beginners.
2.    Designate someone to host the test. The host puts the three foods in three separate serving dishes and hides the packaging so the branding doesn’t sway the testers.
3.    Accompaniments are optional, for example: it’d be nice for everyone to have a swig of ice-cold root beer in between doodles.
4.    Label each food sample A, B & C.


Record Your Votes

5.    The testers sample each food and cast a vote (silently, on paper). You don’t want Tyrone from accounting voting for Cheetos just because Marlene from upper management did.
6.    When the votes have been recorded and a winner declared, the host reveals the packaging and brands.
7.    Hilarity ensues.

Swiss Miss!

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What’s soft and sweet and chocolatey all over?  Chocolate pudding!  IMG_5049 copy (more…)

Twitter + Skittles = Twittles

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Twitter  + Skittles = Twittles

Twitter + Skittles = Twittles

The Skittles/Twitter marketing thing struck a nerve in the studio today. Partially because we were upset that in order to even discuss THIS phenomenon we had to say “Skittles” like a million times, mostly while referring to Twitter – and not one of us came away from the table not having (emphatically) (accidentally) said, “Twittles.” Was this an intended side-effect of this diabolical marketing ruse?

Speculation aside, and Rooster being Rooster, a Skittles taste-test was imperative. The big question being: “how does social networking drive candy sales?” (more…)

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B&W Cookies: Smelly Deli vs. Gourmet Garage vs. Dean & Deluca

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The Contenders

I always thought b&w cookies all tasted the same since they all look the same. Growing up in NYC, how more ubiquitous can you get than b&w cookies. Could there possibly be a b&w cookie better than all the rest? (more…)

say it like you mean it!

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There’s a place near me that makes killer homemade humous….but when you ask for it, you HAVE to say it like this “I’ll have the HOOOOMOOOOS”  (sounds like “who moose” with a bit of phlem in the “who” part.). For realzers…you can’t ask for it any other way.. the guy freaks out!!  It’s witten on the awning, all over the menu, OOOO’s everywhere…EVERYWHERE!

gourmet garage winner in the middle!

gourmet garage winner in the middle!

It’s so good, I can’t stand it….it’s creamy and so homemade tasting, lots of tahini…but I hate asking for it….it embarasses the hell out of me…”can I have some extra pita for my whooo, um, Hooooo mooooos?” Who talks like that? 


In the taste test that one came in second! SECOND! to two other pre-packaged brands….I couldn’t believe it……Did you know that gourmet garage makes a killer humous, and it sits there all quiet and stuff on the shelf…. you can just walk in, walk in! and grab it, pay, and enjoy the hell out of it ….without uttering a single word!

The Pepsi Challenge

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soda shots

soda shots

The original Pepsi Challenge ruled. I was a kid and it was free sugar soda.

So, recreating one of the most famous (and failed) brand face-offs since unsliced bread vs. sliced bread quickly became an emotional game. Cuss words and euphemisms flew around the studio as we glugged down the two samples. I mean, what would happen if you found out that your peanut butter had been secretly replaced with soy nut butter? Or your coffee with decaf?

Would it disgust or elate? Like I said, it’s an emotional game bbs. (more…)