The Rooster Coop


”]burattta, the star of our first official taste test IT HAPPENED accident really. We get hungry here around 4pm everyday. Usually someone runs out to the Smelly Deli Deli on Broadway and Grand and brings back a bag of chips, or cookies, or in this case a bag of Kettle Corn and we chow down. Then back to work.
One day (no, it wasn’t a Thursday) Fernando brought back another brand of Kettle Corn and conducted our first informal “not blind” Kettle Corn taste comparison.

Next day, June 5th, (yes, a Thursday) Fernando made it official by kicking off the first TASTE TEST THURSDAY with 2 different Burattas and a baguette from Dean and Deluca. By end of day Sara made it an official weekly calendar event alongside Mortifcation Mondays and Inspiration Wednesdays.

We taste. We cast and tally our votes. Then the reveal….There are no winners, no losers, but some of us are shocked by our choices really. When you aren’t staring at a package or are tricked into paying more because “you’re worth it”, you’d be surprised what your taste buds prefer. Me, I’m shocked to put it mildly. I was a die hard Coke fan and almost choked on my brand loyalty when I chose Pepsi as my soda of

choice — proclaiming all along that it was def COKE, because I hate Pespi. But I’m ok with that now, and between you and me, Smelly Deli makes a great slice. Watch out Rays.

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