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New Work – Kombucha Brooklyn’s Home Brew Kit

Posted in Client Clips by Jessica on October 7, 2011

We here at Rooster love to grow and it always brings us great joy when we see our clients grow, too! Kombucha Brooklyn, our Next Big Small Brand’s first winner, has expanded their line of goods. Put your hands together for KBBK’s Kombucha Home Brew Kit! (more…)

2nd Annual Next Big Small Brand

Posted in next big small brand, Rooster in the News, Uncategorized by kikisaxon on September 15, 2010

Tasting Table stepped up to the blow horn and yelled it loud — The 2nd Annual Next Big Small Brand is ON! Click here to read the announcement.

Next Big Small Brand Contest for Culinary Genius

Next Big Small Brand: Update

Posted in Coop Scoop, Stuff We Like, Uncategorized by kikisaxon on March 30, 2010

Since Eric Childs and Rick Miller of KBBK (Kombucha Brooklyn) reined supreme at the Next Big Small Brand Contest for Culinary Genius, not one Rooster has called in sick.  Coincidence…I think not.  We are drinking the revolution and feel grrreat, thanks to the live cultures and probiotics of KBBK and Rooster-brewed kombucha.  Just look at the fermenting goodness below.

The curtain isn’t ready to be pulled back on our designs — but we are close.  Check back in a few weeks.

Rooster-made kombucha from KBBK scoby